Monday, February 13, 2006

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Want to save time and money with an Auto Trader?

Australian Motor Brokers clients save time and money by using our web site. In return we provide our best price for buying your new car. Our online auto trader web pages provide an exciting and memorable experience. Running from dealer to dealer trying to find the best price for the car you desire is more often than not an exercise in frustration and disappointment. Our friendly motor broker staff will eliminate all the stress involved when buying a new car.

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Car Finance Rates from 5.99% - Australian Motor Brokers

Car Finance Rates from 5.99%* - Australian Motor Brokers

Australian Motor Brokers are offering new car finance for the month of Febraury from 5.99%

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* Conditions Apply and To Approved Purchasers Only.

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Buying a new car can be a tedious process. The online auto trader experience with Australian Motor Brokers will take not only the headache out of your important purchase but will save you thousands of dollars. We have huge resources and a fantastic team of auto trader specialists at hand to source your exact car.

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Friday, January 27, 2006

New Car prices on BMW - Australian Motor Brokers

For new car prices on BMW models please request a quote here: New Car Quote

For Finance:
Car Finance - NAC money

The online auto trader experience with Australian Motor Brokers will take not only the headache out of your important purchase but will save you thousands of dollars.

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Thursday, January 12, 2006

New Car Buying Tips - Australian Motor Brokers

New Car Buying Tips - Auto Trader :: Australian Motor Brokers new car broker online.

Buying a new car brings happiness and joy. However, at the same time it is also expensive if you are not financially well off. All sorts of new cars are being sold in the market, cars for the middle class, business class and sports car.
Whenever you plan to buy any of the new cars available these days make sure that you are well aware of the facts and figures related to cars. Learn about the things and parts that you must look for before making a deal. Browse the net, read books, contact Australian Motor Brokers or seek your friends help.
The following New Car Buying Tips can make your selection and purchase of any of the new cars easy.
- Never get carried away by the advertisements that might be enticing.
- Always check your budget and the price of the car that you are buying.
- Enquire for the prices of all the new cars.
- Luxurious cars are no doubt the best in the lot of new cars but if any of their parts breaks you could end up investing quite a big amount in its repair. Ask yourself whether that particular brand of car and vice-versa is the best for you?
- Watch for all associated or add on fees. Check for the financial aid offered on new cars. This can also help you to make your choice if you are confused.
- Make sure your car is insured once you buy it.
- Before buying, consider whether you will be using it daily or occasionally. For daily use, a strong and durable car must be selected, but occasional users can settle for fancy and delicate ones.
- Check whether or not the parts of the car will be easily available in your area.
- Review all makes and models. Among the new cars available to you, always settle for the one that is made for the roads and the traffic in your area. For example you cannot run a sports car on the roads full of potholes. Although, this may sound weird, it helps to control your emotions when you visit the showroom for new cars and get fascinated by a flashy sports car.
- Last but not the least always keep aside some money for emergency once you bring home a new car.

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